MADSACK Mediengruppe

MADSACK Media Group

The MADSACK Mediengruppe originates from the year 1893, when the publisher August Madsack founded the Hannoverscher Anzeiger in Hannover. From this, the Media Group developed into one of the largest publishing companies in Germany. Today, 15 regional daily newspapers belong to the corporate association (amongst others the Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung, Leipziger Volkszeitung, Märkische Allgemeine), which provide their readers daily with high-quality journalism. We sell about 850,000 of our different newspapers per day, and reach a readership of 2.4 million. A comprehensive range of online offers and offers for mobile devices supplement our newspapers.

In addition to the regional daily papers, MADSACK also publishes 28 advertising papers. Not only that, but we are also successfully involved with the TVN Group in the production of films and television. Our postal service providers (Citipost, LVZ Post and Nordbrief) transport millions of letters and packages from companies, institutions and private customers per year. In addition, our full-service agencies and corporate publishing service providers offer individual communications solutions for the B2C and B2B areas.

One of the main strengths of our Media Group is the pronounced local and regional anchorage of the media publishing houses. They are strong brands, with wide coverages in their regions. With their credible reports, the numerous publications issued by the association represent a major contribution to the journalistic diversity of the German media landscape. Clever networking between the individual media publishing houses and companies permit the harmonisation of high-quality journalism and entrepreneurial success.

Historical overview

  • Newspaper publisher August Madsack founds the company in 1893 in Hannover.
  • Inauguration of the Anzeiger-Hochhaus in 1928; this building becomes the secret emblem for Hannover.
  • In 1943, the Reich’s National-Socialist government stops publication of the Hannoverscher Anzeiger after 50 years.
  • In 1949, after World War II, the Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung is founded.
  • From the middle of the 1970’s, MADSACK extend their portfolio by three regional daily papers in Lower Saxony.
  • In 1984, the publishing house founds its own film and television production company with the TVN Group.
  • Since the 1990’s, MADSACK has invested in digital newspaper production and the digital business concerning news and service portals in the Internet, apps and E-Papers.
  • Between 1991 and 2012, MADSACK became involved in 13 further regional daily papers, meaning that the portfolio comprised of 15 titles.
  • Since 2013, the RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland (Publication Network Germany, RND) has acted as a central agency, producing cross-regional journalistic content for regional daily papers.
  • In 2014, with MADSACK Market Solutions, a central unit was also founded for the purpose of processing the reader market and providing digital marketing solutions for small and medium-sized companies.